About Us

We are parents trying to figure out the best way to live and raise our kids. We left our jobs (good pay, vacation, and health insurance) and our home to pursue our dream of living a self-sustainable life. Our goal is to live in harmony with the earth, using the land and the skies to our benefit.
Duskwind Farm is our dream. Having only minimal experience in farming, animal husbandry, building, alternative energies, and running a business we are sure to find some bumps and dead ends along the way.
The biggest bump was loosing our farm in 2010 after only 3 years of farming. As of 2012 we are back at farming, and we could not be happier.


Miss A said...

Good for you! I also just left an offer of a high paying job in a big city to go live on the land in a 400sf cabin with no elec. or water and spend quality time raising my 8 year old son. We're in mid-leap currently and are in a cottage with elec. but no water; so we're climatising ourselves. ;)
We'll start doing some basic reno's to our new cabin in about 2 weeks and move in as soon as we can after that.

The Peterson Family said...

How fantastic for you and your son! I would love to hear how it goes!