Sunday, September 22, 2013

My new tool

Growing up my mom did her fair share of canning, and freezing. We had a nice size garden, and from what I remember kept us well fed through the winter. One of the tools that she used is the squeezo strainer. This year with our abundance of tomatoes (already canned 60 quarts) I started dreaming of her squeezo.

 So I called her up and asked if she still used it- to which she promptly said YES! But she said that she would buy me one, a week later I was a proud owner. So now still knee deep in tomatoes (I think maybe next year we will scale back from our 50 plants) I was very eager to start using it!

I just cored the freshly picked tomatoes, added them to the hopper. Used the wooden plunger to push them in........

out the strainer comes the good stuff.....

out the end comes the seeds and skin, dry as can be.

I love it! We even made apple sauce, without peeling the apples.

What tool do you have that you just can't live without?

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