Monday, June 24, 2013

Proud Stalker

You might not know this about me but I have become a stalker. Oh this is not a new thing, it has been going on for a few years. But in my defense I have to, you see we have these amazing friends that do amazing things, but they are so damn humble it kills me. So I have had to resort to stalking them so I know what they are up to. For example I called my friend a couple weeks ago, we were chatting and she mentions that they had something come up so they are heading to California. Not wanting to be pushy ('cause if you knew me you would know that is something I am not), I find out later that they went to California to tape for the Today Show. Did you catch that THE TODAY SHOW! How great, you know how I found out. Stalking!

I was just resorting to stalking again and this is what I found. It is so wonderful that I had to share. Spring Pie was written by my friend Mirra Fine, one half of The Perennial Plate.

Daniel and Mirra are great friends, we feel so lucky that our paths crossed, we love them dearly! They seriously do amazing things. If for some reason you have not yet heard of them, please check them out. The latest video The Importance of Being Basque is one of my favorite.

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Alison said...

Funny! I completely understand. I'm a person that doesn't ask too many questions. But, yes sometimes our friends are amazing people and don't like to toot their own horn.