Monday, December 31, 2012

We don't do turkey

Two legs on a bed of leeks, carrots, rosemary and sage
I know thanksgiving is all about turkey but we just don't like it. We have tried smoked, fried, baked, store bought, organic, homegrown, free range- you name we have tried it. And still it just is not our thing. Last year we decided to go against the Thanksgiving grain and make rabbit. It was amazing! This year we decided to have goat. Now I know some of you maybe in shock, or even horrified, maybe even grossed out. I could throw all sorts of statistics at you about how goat is the worlds most popular meat (and milk for that matter), but I wont.

Rack of goat
When we first jumped into the whole goat world we decided any males born would be meat. We have a few friends that have ended up with a large portion of their herd being males. It is totally understandable, goats have great personalities and the thought of killing and eating something that has the personality of a pet is hard.
Elan tasting the meat- yes it is raw

If you like lamb- you will like goat. You may even like it better. I made leg of goat for Thanksgiving dinner, and although it was good- I would not say it was amazing. I think that had more to do with the recipe then the meat. A couple days later Chuck made an amazing french rack, and some little medallion things.
Goat hanging just after Chuck clean it

The goat we butchered was not big,  I am not even sure we got 25 pounds of meat but he was on the small side anyway. Our goal is to be able to do all the processing ourselves. A week before Thanksgiving the goat was slaughtered and prepared for aging. One of the nice things about doing all this at home is we have complete control, nothing goes to waste.

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