Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Summer and fall in pictures

Well hello there... I know it has been a long time, and I am so sorry. We have been quite busy around here and I have much to share with you. I hope come winter things will slow down a bit. To get us started I thought that I would share some pictures.......

Our first honey of the season (8 quarts)

Canned pears

Canned tomatoes

Our squash harvest

Kombucha (we drank about 2 gallons a week this summer)

Our last honey harvest

Honey waiting to be extracted

Our Scottish highlander bull

Owen one of our Nubian bucks
Jack-jack the other Nubian buck

Kid2 picked flowers for me- how sweet!


Alison said...

Mmm, pears, honey and tomatoes! Love the flowers! Did you get the pears from your own trees or did you purchase them??

Duskwind Farm said...

I wish that we had a pear tree. Some day, but until then I have to purchase. I have to say pears are more time consuming to can- but the kids like them better then peaches.

Anne said...

Awesome!! **applause**

You all amaze me. You don't just hit the ground running.. you hit the ground sprinting.

We've stalled out. The effects of the TIA's (series of mini-strokes)on my Mom's mind has everything in limbo.

You keep me inspired with your reslience. No worries.. just regroup and redeploy.. full steam ahead!

Duskwind Farm said...

Thanks Anne

I am so sorry about your mom, I hope resolve comes soon.

Yeah I think we are always full steam ahead- when you know what you want and how to get it, it sure helps.