Thursday, July 26, 2012

We moved!

Are you in shock? I know we were. Moving came totally unexpectedly, we had a plan and then the  plan went and threw us a curve ball! There are lots of messy detail as to why we moved but those make me sad and angry so I just want to say that my family is now living in a safe and happy environment. And we now have internet!

The internet thing was quite a challenge. I just don't understand how companies are allowed to have a monopoly on a market. We unfortunately have CenturyLink for our phone company. After being told several times that we would have access to and be getting high speed internet, it is not to be. "But don't worry you can have a land line through us and we will charge you $75 a month, and if you ever do get blessed with our favor and get high speed internet it will only cost you $10 more! How nice are we:)" Oh, and to clarify high speed is available in our area they just don't want to spend the extra money to add more equipment so that there is more room for the "card" that is needed for us to have internet. This house has been here at least since the 60's you would think that when they installed the equipment that houses the "cards" they would have counted the houses in the area and maybe installed enough equipment to provide for everyone. Nope, so our neighbors have it but we can't get it.

I am not kidding we pay $75 a month so people can call us and we can call others~ and with no other reliable options I have to continue to pay this. So you might be asking yourself what the heck does this have to do with farming? Well I am so glad you asked. While we have a nation of those complaining about the high costs of food our farmers get the blunt end of the stick. Fuel costs keep rising, grain costs, the weather is f-uped. And if a farmer wants (or needs) to have any connection to the outside world we will get charged and arm and a leg- why? Because we choose to live in the country where less people "share" the cost of the utilities. We pay more in electricity, phone, no internet so I have to have for satellite. And the cost to have me bring my goods to the consumers well you know what the gas prices are.

Okay so I had no intention to go on that little tangent, but there you have it. Now on to more fun stuff!

We moved to Wisconsin! I love Wisconsin! I went to school at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, and after graduating I worked in Milwaukee and then in Eagle River and Rhinelander. Moving back feels like a home coming.

Chuck has transferred schools yet again, and we have packed and unpacked hopefully for the last time! At least the last time for many years.

The house has running water and electricity but is in need of some tender loving care, but when you wake up to this

who cares what the house looks like!

There is 178 acres here with plenty of room for the goats and the cow. And more then plenty of room for the kids and the dogs to run around.


Alison said...

I'm so excited for you guys to finally be settled in to a place of your own. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in Wisconsin!

Duskwind Farm said...

Thanks Alison! It is so exciting to have a farm again. Last night I was at a class learning about winter gardening! Can't wait to try it out and share what I find.

Anne said...

Wait... what!?! WI? YAY! (Hoping you are closer to my neck of the woods!!!!!)