Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bees are a buzzing!

We have jumped into yet another adventure. Well I should say Chuck has jumped right in. We have been wanting to raise bees for years, but for some reason always felt like it would be so difficult.

Well since we seemingly have nothing to do (yeah right!) we thought that this year would be a good year to learn.

We ended up finding a GREAT resource for us northern apiarists, Nature's Nectar. Turns out we have been buying honey from them for years at the local co-op! After giving them a call we learned about another great resource, Gale Woods Farm. Through Century College they offered a two day beekeeping class. So between the books we have been reading, the class, and Jim at Nature's Nectar, we are on our way!

On April 22nd we picked up the bees (we had already picked up, assembled, and painted the hive). Kid1 and Chuck headed out to the back of the property (close to the forest, and a pond) to set up the bees. A month later everything seems to be going the way it should. Chuck has been checking on them weekly and is amazed at all the progress they have made in the hive. The only bummer is that we likely wont get much honey- this being a new hive with new bees. But next year watch out!


Anne said...


Congrats on getting a hive. :) So exciting!!

Duskwind Farm said...

It is so exciting. We have already tasted a little honey!