Monday, April 23, 2012


It's spring! The weather has been a roller coaster, 80's then snow. I know it is typical Minnesota, but after a long winter (even without snow) I am ready for the nice weather. In between the rain storms there have been some nice days for planting. I am really trying to focus on providing food for my family. Money is always tight but I want to make sure that we eat well. Since we are not raising our own meat I have had to seek out farms that I can trust to buy from, and to be honest it has not been easy. But that is a discussion for another day. Today I want to talk veggies!

 Three weeks ago I planted peas, radishes, greens, lettuce, and beets. Then the next week I planted my potatoes, carrots, and kohlrabi. Now is the time to get those cool season seeds into the ground. I already have signs of radishes, peas, and of course asparagus and garlic.



Alison said...

Nice!! Hopefully, I'll grow something. Mother nature is already doing her part with berries on the way.

Duskwind Farm said...

That is for sure! Will be fun to hear about all the berries you find- say a friend is having a wild mushroom id class- let me know if you are interested. We could go together!