Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The worst and the best of farming

Spring is in the air or is it summer? With these warm temperatures I am thinking Mother Nature is confused.  The animals, kids, and adults are all happily soaking up the sun. 

With spring on its way with most farms this marks the start of the birthing season. When we had lambs this would be our prime lambing time. We always wanted the lambs to nurse then move right onto pasture. The best way to make money from the meat is to not feed any hay. Lamb on pasture, butcher off of pasture.
With just a few goats, not too much pasture, and lacking fresh milk I needed some kids. So I made sure that my goats would start kidding in what I assumed would be relatively good weather, how spoiled we are this year!
On the Sunday after Joanie kidded everyone seemed to be doing great. Joanie had no trouble with the birthing process and the kids were up and moving around, a good sign they are nursing. But then things started taking a turn for the worse.

We tried so many things to make Joanie comfortable, ease her pain but in the end we had to end her life. Chuck and I never take this lightly. Holding another living things life in your hands is a horrible feeling. I wish that somehow somewhere someone could be here to tell us if we are doing the right thing or not.
So this morning, like the last and many to come, I got up early to go play mom to some really cute kids. Soon enough they will associate me with food and come running whenever they see or hear me. The other goats are a little off, but with extra attention and a little treat here and there they are doing just fine.

Once all the kids are born it will be fun to see them all playing together. Kid1 is anxiously awaiting  the day when the moms and babies can all go on our daily walk.

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