Thursday, March 15, 2012

A special puppy in need of a home

Just over a month ago I agreed to foster a dalmatian. She was surrender to a local vet, because the current owner wanted to put her down, they thought she was deaf. Can you imagine!?! Breaks my heart. Having her for 5 weeks now she definitely has some hearing loss, but I would not say that she is totally deaf.

Although we are enjoying having her we can't keep her. With 4 dogs already we just can't add another one. SO if you or someone you know is looking for an adorable puppy please send them our way. You can contact us at

She loves the kids, plays well with the other dogs, goats, and chickens. She wants to play with the cat- but the cat is not having any of that. She needs a loving home that will be understanding of her hearing issue.

At 11 weeks old, she is very playful, will follow you anywhere, and enjoys being outside. She is kennel trained, and whines when she needs to go outside.We have been working on leash training, and basic commands.


Robin said...

I am one dog over my limit already or I might seriously consider her. I adopted a 100% bilaterally deaf border collie and had him flown from Puerto Rico to Maine. He was going to be put down because he was deaf. It took us a little time to learn how to communicate. I think he taught me more than I was able to teach him. He came here when he was seven months old. In less than a year he became the best dog I've ever had working poultry. He herded our chickens, ducks and turkeys to their new pens and kept them where they were supposed to be.

Being deaf didn't slow my Hobo down. It was a minor issue to work around. Good luck in finding a new home for her!

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Robin! What a lucky dog you have. I really don't understand why someone would put a dog down just because it can't hear!

Before we started farming, or having kids, I was a dog trainer. I have worked with deaf dogs before and although starting is a little difficult. However once you and they get the hang of what is expected things they and you learn just as much as a hearing team.