Monday, March 12, 2012

The first of the goat babies

The last couple of days the weather has been amazing! The kids, Chuck and I have been working outside on the chicken coop and the goat building. Pretty soon I will be milking goats and I needed a spot, so Chuck built a head gate and a door. I was able to trim hooves and brush everyone, just to get them used to having their heads in the gate.

The head gate
The new door

 I have also been taking the goats for a walk everyday, they are loving it. Yesterday Joanie did not even make it on half of our walk before turning back. All day she was pacing and just looked uncomfortable. If you remember back in January Joanie prolapsed, and we had to make a decision. The vet thought that we should cull her, he could not say that she would not have another prolapse. The more pregnant she got the bigger she got, which could cause another prolapse. Chuck and I talked almost nightly about whether to cull her or not. For those non-farmers culling is a term used for thinning the herd. We were very uncomfortable with the idea of not only killing her but also the baby or two that she was carrying. We made several "dates" but never followed through, finally Chuck said he was not going to do it. It was like a huge weight off of both of our shoulders. We knew that there was a chance that she would prolapse close to her due date, or that she would have a horrible labor. When we made the decision we knew that it was not the decision most farmers would make.  To many, and really to us, the idea of waking up every three hours to bottle feed orphan goats is not appealing. Plus the potential vet bills, and the pain that Joanie could potentially go through. But both Chuck and I felt that this was the right decision.

Last night I went out at 8 o'clock to lock the chicken coop and I heard little noises, turns out Joanie had her kids. I ran in to get Chuck, he drove the car over to the lean-to so that we would have some light. Joanie looked great- absolutely nothing wrong. Both the kids were up, cleaned off, and trying to nurse.

I checked on them a couple more times before going to bed. Chuck got up at 4 this morning and checked on everyone too. Joanie, I am sure was up all night and looks a little tired this morning but still doing great. The kids are making all sorts of noises and checking out their new home. The other girls were locked up last night, and now are eating and being curious. Joanie is a myotonic goat and the kids dad is a Nubian. They have the Nubian ears!

How fun it is to have babies again!


Alison said...

They are so cute!! I'm so glad Joanie is doing so well too.

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Alison. They are so cute! Joanie is having a trouble now with Mastitis in one of her udders. Poor thing, I have been going out every hour since 3 this afternoon to try and get it cleaned out. I am hoping she is better tomorrow.