Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning to Nourish my Family

I recently finish reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration I can't even begin to tell you have fantastic it was. I could not put the book down it was everything I was looking for and so much more.

Let me explain, last year while at a regular dentist visit with kid1 we were told she had cavities and they needed to be filled!! It was awful, we felt horrible. At the time kid2 had just come into the world. With me busy with him that left Chuck to be kid1's main teeth cleaner. Problem was, or so we thought,  Chuck's fingers are just too big to get into a little kids mouth with floss, so flossing was skipped. We eat fairly well, the brushing happened a couple times a day so why were we having problems?

They wanted to fill so many teeth, even though they were not big cavities they said they needed to protect her teeth. They were talking about putting her under to do all this dental work! After getting over the shock and anger (at ourselves for allowing this to happen) I was determined to find another way.

With all that happened to us last year, we slipped a little in our commitment to eating in a nourishing way. Convenience foods did not take over but they crept in more and more. Sugar was readily available.  We needed to get back on track and slowly but surely we are. And books like Nutrition and Physical Degeneration are inspiring me to do more.

I was familiar with the Weston A. Price and knew the basic story:

Dentist in the '30 decides to study primitive cultures and find out how and why they do not have dental carries.

Oh but it is so much more than that. It is about eating what nature has made for us, building and maintaining our health and our bodies, it is about farming sustainably, it is about family and community.

Weston A. Price wrote, "Life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed." So simple yet so complex. What I have taken away from this book is an understanding of what my body needs, what my kids bodies need to be healthy, happy, and what future generations will gain from our commitment to fueling out body.

Now I have long been familiar with this term Nourishing. When we got into the raw milk movement I bought Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions. Oh, sure I cooked home-made foods, and most were nourishing. But eating home-cooked does not always equal the most healthy. Refined sugars and white flour have been a main part of our diet. Well I am here to say that they are on their way out. I am committed to learning to better nourish my family.

What does it mean to be nourished? In Dr. Price's book he talks about eating for energy compared to eating to provide vitamins and minerals in order to build and repair our body. We eat for the satisfaction of fulfilling a hunger pain not providing and healing our body.

Think about it, we all do it. In a rush to stop those hunger pains we reach for something consumable. What if we instead focused on what our body actually needs. When we change our eating to center around vitamins and mineral fulfillment- we are nourished, happy, healthy, and full.

I hope to share with you our journey to a more nourished life. Until then check out a few of the websites I follow:

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