Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nourishing the kid

The other day I took the littlest kid in for a doctors appointment. There was no concern just trying to find a physician in the area that I like. Unfortunately it will be hard to top the one we left.

When you have a baby they like to see you in the office about every three months for the first 15 months of the kids life. For Kid 2 this was his first time, although he was seem by his midwife the first couple months. They might consider me a bad mom, but we don't vaccinate and I don't feel the need to bring the kid in just to have him weighed. Sure they say they need to make sure the kid is reaching all the milestones, but I have no concerns. For your whole pregnancy they say no two are the same, then you head into labor and the same things applies, but as soon as you have that kid they better start babbling, sitting, crawling and walking in a certain time frame.

So why am I writing about this? I am truly convinced that my nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, plus the great foods that my now toddler is eating are helping him grow. I feel like I have a secret that I want to scream from the roof top!

My secret~ eat lots of good fats, only grass-fed meat, pastured eggs and as much organic fruits and veggies that you can get your hands on. Not to complicated right? I didn't think so.

We eat lots of butter made from cows on pasture. The two we like are Kerrygold and Organic Valley Pasture Butter. Sometimes the toddler likes to eat a spoonful of butter! When looking at meat, butter and eggs (and milk for that matter) it is important to buy grass based- forget about organic. Organic is no better than confinement if they are not pastured. Now organic and pastured is a huge plus!

And sometime he just like butter in his hair!
When I was pregnant with Kid 1 I got into doing all sorts of research about what I should eat and then when she was eating, what I should feed her. Along the way I bookmarked Nourishing Our Children.  After having Kid 2 I again started researching, funny thing the same thing that I found 4 years ago for Kid 1 was the same for the second one. As it should be! Since the first kid Nourishing Our Children has put together a DVD, and although I don't own it yet, I was able to watch two previews of the DVD available on their website. It is amazing!

I also recently ran across this post on The Nourished Life. Elizabeth Walling writes about an e-course called, Beautiful Babies: Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Baby's First Foods. In this particular post is a sneak peak into this 12 week course. I sure wish I had some extra money laying around to enroll in this course and buy the Nourishing Our Children DVD!

The woman who saw Kid 2 at the clinic was amazed at how well he behaved, sat, listened to instruction and played with his sister. I know that in part his development, temperament, and smarts are due to his and my nutrition.

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