Monday, January 23, 2012

A myotonic prolapse

The gardening workshop turned out great! Territorial Seed Company sent me a box full of seed to hand out, added bonus! So now I am on to planning another workshop, this time raising backyard chickens!! Several people showed interest in that and a workshop on preserving the harvest.

And it is finally starting to look like winter outside. We don't have enough snow for Kid 1 to make a snow man, but that did not stop her!

This morning when I went out to feed and water I noticed Joanie, the myotonic, had a something coming out of her. I looked close and it seemed to be coming from her anus. I ran and got my camera freaking out that she had prolaped like one of our sheep. That was an awful experience one I hope never to repeat, so I downloaded the pictures and sent them off to a fellow goat herder. One definitely more experienced than I. I am sure I have mentioned her once or twice (Shonyo Farm), anyway she told me to relax a little. Turns out this can happen in myotonic goats. Now it is something that I need to watch but she explained it as having to do with the muscle tone and if they have a heavy cough this type of rectal prolapse can happen. By the time I had gotten back out the prolapse was back in. Joanie is pregnant and her weight gain, due to the pregnancy, is putting pressure on her innards and then the coughing that I saw her doing this morning did not help. It was also suggested that I drench her with a cup or so of mineral oil and the use of some essential oils. Poor thing, seriously being pregnant comes with all sorts of issues!

You can see in the above picture her back legs are stiffened due to her fainting. I will keep an eye on her and cross my fingers that this does not happen again!!


Alison said...

I certainly enjoyed your workshop and we are itching to get started testing our soil and planning where to put the garden. Your poor little goat, are the Myotonic goats the fainting goats? The fainting goats are funny, but I kinda feel bad for them too.

The Peterson Family said...

I am you enjoyed the workshop! It was so nice to see you.

Yep, the Myotonic goats are the fainting goats. They are very fascinating to watch, although rarely faint. Her back legs do stiffen up but I think I have only seen her faint maybe once or twice. The fainting does not really phase them at all, they will continue to eat or chew their cud even if they fall over. I can't imagine how annoying that must be:)