Sunday, January 29, 2012

The long week

Friday enjoying the warm weather
Okay so it has not been the greatest week here. Joanie prolapsed again, this time we had to have the vet come out and put it back in. Poor Joanie was in so much pain. She ended up pushing it back out again while the vet was here and then tearing some of the tissue. Prognosis is not good. The vet, who was wonderful, said that it will only get worse and having babies is not a good idea for her. So although the prolapse is back in for now we are not sure that it will stay this way. There is no nice way to put this, Joanie will be culled this week.

Joanie's rectal prolapse

Ramona's lump
 Then while giving Ramona a belly rub I noticed a lump. I of course freaked out. Ramona is 10 this year and you would not know it. So I took her in to the vet and decided to have the lump removed. She will go in on Tuesday for the surgery. The lump will be sent in for testing, crossing our fingers that it is only a lump and not cancer. In the meantime I am using oils on her, and I actually think the lump has decreased in size.

All the while Chuck was enjoying a little vacation with some friends- ice fishing. Hope he comes home with a couple meals worth!


Alison said...

So sorry to hear the sad news about Joanie. Hopefully, Ramona's lump is nothing to worry about as well. It's the suckyest part have having animals. I hate it when they are sick or in pain. Take care!

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Alison! You are right it is the worst part about being having animals.

Clayton said...

You write about real life which is refreshing.
I have nominated you today for a Versatile Blogger Award. See my blog for details.


The Peterson Family said...

Thank you, Clayton! I am flattered. However, I do not post about or pass awards. It is not because I don’t care (I do!) but I just do not have time to dedicate to responding to the award and passing it along. Thank you again, and I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog, and that you have passed your blog on to me. I love your lilies!