Friday, December 2, 2011

Rooster Update!

This morning Chuck said it was 11 degrees out! I know it is December and it is supposed to be cold, but cold with no snow just seems wrong. Yesterday the rooster was still sneezing and still had gooey eyes. But this morning things seem to be markedly different. The ointment my friend Lynne gave me has worked! The ointment was animals scents from Young Living, to the ointment I am not sure all that she added, but I know there was thieves, and Copaiba. She also gave me some Purification to put in the water. She was a little worried that they would not drink the water, but they did. In fact last night when I checked on them their dish was half empty. This morning I gave them another drop of the purification in the water and as you can see Sandino did not mind at all.

Sorry that the pictures are not that clear, but my fingers were almost frozen!


Anne said...

I hope he feel better soon! Looks like they have a lovely home. :) No doubt they will love the indoor dust bath-room. lol

I need to get the sandbox moved in for mine, but the area where it would go is keeping a bale of straw safe atm.

I thought my girls would stop laying by now. I was rather hoping they would stop for a little bit.

The barred rocks are laying almost daily. The Americaunas (3 of them) we get 1-2 every day, but they are big eggs.. like jumbo size.

Did you have any Rhode Island Reds? I'm just curious if my batch is particularly bitchy or if that is the norm.

Will you be hatching any out this coming year? How are the goats doing?

The Peterson Family said...

The rooster is doing great- it took a couple of days but he is back to normal. This warm weather is helping I am sure.

We have had all sorts of different breeds, we have had Rhode Island Reds- they were not bitchy- I would make sure you do not have Red Star, we have had those and I wont get those again!

I am not a big fan of hatching my own, my husband loves it so maybe we will.

The goats are doing well, I can't wait until March when we have babies, finding a reliable source of raw milk is not panning out!