Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hunting for the perfect tree

This is the first year since kid 1 was born that we have celebrated Christmas with a tree. She was very excited to hunt down a real tree.
She liked the idea of a kid sized tree,

while Chuck was teasing her about getting a much bigger tree. 

 Finally we all finally agreed on one! As you can see from the pictures there is almost no snow. The kid is a little disappointed, but as of late has been preoccupied by the countdown to Christmas.

Seeing the fun of Christmas through a 4 year old's eyes has been so wonderful. It has been very hard not to let her open all the presents already!


Alison said...

That is so cute! I bet she has been enjoying all the Christmas stuff.

The Peterson Family said...

She has! We have been learning to count backwards- so we know how many days until Christmas!