Thursday, December 1, 2011

Could my rooster have a cold

Can't catch a break with these chickens. Yesterday I went out to find our rooster sneezing, then when I got a closer look at him he had discharged bubbling out of his eyes! It looked like when kids blow bubbles with their spit. He was also breathing with his beak open. By the time I got back out with my camera there was only little bubbles in the corner of his eyes, and he was breathing normal. So I called my friend Lynne and she gave me some essential oils to put on his comb, and one to put in the water. I need to make sure that the girls don't get sick. I am also sending Chuck to the butcher to get some liver, they go crazy for raw liver, it will give them extra protein and hopefully boost their energy to fight off whatever might come their way. Poor things! You can't really give them chicken soup!

This morning he was about the same, and none of the girls were sneezing or showing any signs of sickness, so I put the same essential oil stuff on all of their combs. Crossing my fingers for a fast recovery, and no one else getting it.

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