Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Support your right to choose what you eat

Do you know Michael Schmidt? Well you should- he is fighting for our right to eat what we choose. The quick history of Michael Schmidt: he lives in Canada, he is a farmer, he sells fresh milk. His farm was raided by 25 armed officers (a tad over the top don't you think?) in 2006 for selling fresh milk. Does this not seem crazy to anyone else? We are talking milk, not cocaine! Why does Canada's government, and ours for that matter really care if I choose to drink fresh milk? Which by the way I have been drinking for 7 years, my kid, soon to be kids, husband and whoever visits our house drink it as well. Oh they will tell you it is about safety. Really? How many hundreds of thousands of pounds of meat get recalled every year? From January to September 26th  of this year, too many to calculate but just for January of 2011 alone 45,239 pounds of meat recalled. Yet these companies are allowed to continue to operate. They hide, trying to stay out of the spotlight, hoping the media will not focus on them, hoping it will not hurt the bottom line. But a dairy farmer caught selling fresh milk- wants attention, hopes the media will not go away. Hmmmm?

Michael is on a hunger strike- he is on day 35. All he is asking is for his government to meet with him. That is it. And you know what, they have no plans of doing so. How interesting that they raid his farm for consuming something, but will let him die by consuming nothing. Weird set of laws, if you choose to live you must consume what we deem good for you, even if there is loads of evidence to show otherwise. Today it is fresh milk- what will it be tomorrow? It is your right to choose what you want to put in your body. If you choose pasteurized milk that is your choice why can we not allow the same freedom for those who choose unpasteurized milk?

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Anne said...

Insane... I agree. Why is it they can't just have some sort of release and allow people to eat what they will?

Wish they would put more effort into making it so a consumer could know exactly what they are consuming.

You can't consume raw milk without a fight... yet one can get paid for eating glass. Go figure.