Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet the man

This is Harmon. He is a Nubian buck- ain't he cute? Well don't get to close 'cause boy goats are gross. It's not their fault, blame it on the girls. When the girls are in estrus the boys lose control of themselves. Oh, they are not like this all the time, just when the girls are in heat.  Poor boys, just minding there own business, then one day they get a whiff of a lady in heat and they start peeing on themselves. Yep you read that right- the boys pee on themselves. Poor Harmon didn't even know what hit him, this is his first race around the tracks. Sweet innocent little boy, just became a man.

The male goats are called bucks and in the fall they go into rut, just like deer. While in rut they have this urge to pee on their legs and face. Sometimes even in their mouths. This drives all the girls wild. Bucks have sent glands on their legs that excrete an oil. The bucks then rub this oil over themselves and peeing on themselves helps release this oil. The smell from the oil is like a greeting card to the ladies.

Harmon has been in with Friday and Joanie since October 16th. Does go into estrus on average every 21 days. The day I went to pick Harmon up, a doe at the farm he came from was in heat, so Harmon was already wet with pee. Upon smelling him Joanie went into heat and I am assuming not much longer and Friday came into heat as well. This Sunday Harmon leaves to bring his services to another farm. Boys don't stay gross for long, come winter they will most likely stop all this grossness and return to sweet innocent men.


Anne said...

LOL hilariously well written. I truly did laugh out loud!! Love it!

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks so glad I could make you laugh!

Kelly @ The Homeschool Co-op said...

Okay - I've learned so much from reading your blog already. I'm sure glad you found us - and I found you. Who knew goats peed themselves!? But, still, Harmon sure is cute.

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Kelly! I am so glad that you came and checked out my blog! I too am so glad we found each other!