Friday, November 25, 2011

Updating the chicken coop

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had. Chuck said it was the best thanksgiving dinner he has ever had. That puts a lot of pressure on next year! Neither of us are big turkey fans, so this year I made rabbit. Our friend Lynne raises heritage breed rabbits. I made rabbit, mushroom and Tarragon stew. I had gotten two rabbits from Lynne and only used the legs, the rest is in the freezer waiting for another stew. I mostly followed the recipe except I used two different kinds of mushrooms, and the white wine came from a batch my dad made. The sauce did not thicken, so I just made a roux in a separate pan and use the sauce from the stew to make gravy. Since there was so much sauce the next day I turned it into beef stroganoff- again it was amazing! I will definitely be making this recipe again!

The old roof taken off- the new siding on
The weather was fantastic over the weekend and we were able to get some outside work done. Earlier this year our chicken coop roof suffered some damage, nothing major just a few holes, but something that needed to be fixed before we got a bunch of snow. Chuck had also been working on putting siding on the coop and the lean-to.

The poor chickens were locked up for a couple of days while Chuck put the siding on. He had to take down the outside run, and since we have had trouble with neighbor dogs the chickens had to stay inside. As soon as we let them out they headed to their favorite dust bathing spot. Poor things! So this got me to thinking, I am thinking I might shovel up some of the loose sand, put it into a couple 5 gallon buckets and give the chickens sand for winter dust bathing. Then I can mix the sand with diatomaceous earth for some real mite control. Every time I add new bedding to the coop I dust the old bedding with diatomaceous earth, although I am not sure this actually does anything it does make me feel like I am.

The back of the coop all finished with a new roof!

The new siding is all up and now to finish the front. Next is insulating. The goal is to make it nice and comfy in there- so comfy the girls want to lay eggs all winter! And just warm enough so their water does not freeze. So far they seem to like it. Although it is a little dark- we are working on that too!

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