Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Planting Garlic

These past couple of weeks have been rough. Loosing Ben was awful, plus we had colds, Chuck threw his back out then got a paper cut in his eye! To top all that the external hard drive that I moved all of my pictures to malfunctioned and no longer has any of the 4 years of pictures stored on it. The company who I bought the hard drive from offers a recovery service $300 to $1000. To me that seems strange I have owned the thing for 3 weeks, it had the pictures one day and not the next, shouldn't there be a free recovery service if the device you sold is a piece of crap. I should say it was not selective- everything was gone, but the pictures were the most important. So we are hoping to be on an upswing this week.

In the mix of all that I planted garlic. I think garlic is one of the easiest things to grow, the key- planting in the fall and good manure compost. I planted close to 200 cloves which will all turn into heads. We use a lot of garlic and I am hoping to be able to sell some, and have some to plant for 2013's harvest. My dad, ever so helpful, heard about a way to plant garlic that would be a space saver. Thus the great garlic project was born. I planted about half the cloves my way, in rows, and the other half the "new" way. Before planting the new way we had to make the planter board.

The new way does save on space- that is for sure. Preparing to planter board took much more time then planting them in rows, however next year if I decide to use the planter board I wont have to make it. As you can see from the pictures the new way does save on space- in fact a lot of space. We will see how easy it is to weed. As for the actual planting, I used a broom handle to make the holes- it was difficult. Not for any fault of the new way- but we live in sand, actually we live in sand dunes.

So while making the holes the sand kept filling back in, my dad came to the rescue with a watering can.

 Once the board was lifted off it was time to put the garlic in the wholes. Since the holes were not all that great it was difficult to see if I actually planted garlic in the hole or not. I am sure with practice I would get a routine down and this would not be an issue. After planting I layered each plot with straw and now the growing begins!

 I promise to post directions on making the planter board soon.

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