Saturday, October 29, 2011

Backing up, what I do and where

I love my computer, it is a MacBook Pro from 2007. And when I say I love my Mac I mean I LOVE it. I could not live without it. I do not know what I would do if it died, it is my life. Okay so now that you know that let me just say I am not so good at backing up my computer (read I never backed up my computer). I know how important it is and how devastated I would be if everything was somehow gone. But I never really knew when to back up and how, did I really have to have a bunch of CD's to back up, and how the heck do you back up everything to a CD. I wanted to, but somehow it just never happened.

Then our internal hard drive got full. I tried to delete things, I even got some of those flash drive things and put stuff on them, it made a difference for a while. Then the pop ups would start again telling us our start up disk was full. I had to do something I was afraid one day the hard drive would be so full the computer would not turn on anymore, not sure this is a realist fear but I did not want to take any chances.  I started doing research, I figured I could get an external hard drive move our pictures and some other stuff onto the external drive to free up the internal one. While reading reviews I like to also read the comments, and I found brilliance.  One commenter said- sure get an external drive but also back up through an online back up service. The reasoning was if  a fire came through your house the fire will not only burn you computer but also you external drive- so backing up just on a drive will not save your stuff. I had never heard of an online back up service. So I started doing more research. And this is what I found and this is where I back up:

 We pay $5 a month to have our computer backed up online through BackBlaze. I love it! It is super easy all you do is install the program and it backs up automatically, and constantly! The thing is though is it replaces itself, so for example if you deleted something and then weeks later realized you needed it, you have a month from the time you deleted it from you computer until you will no longer have access to it. If you happen to loose everything from you computer you can get an external hard drive or a CD with your restore on it. That does cost extra but well worth it if you loose everything. Having an external hard drive that malfunctioned I had to use this service. It was awesome and the customer service was great, a little slow but answered my crazy I think I lost everything hysteria. They do offer free restores, but generally for small items not a whole hard drive. You can also have BackBlaze back up your external hard drive.

I also back up on Backupify. Here I back up social medial. You can back up 3 social media accounts for free. So I back up my email, my Facebook Page and my blog. To me the most important thing is to never loose my pictures. I share lots of pictures on Facebook, so in itself Facebook is a good online back-up service.

I also back up on DropBox. Another free site, up to 8GB. Here I can "drop" files or pictures into the icon on my computer and DropBox saves it. The site is free, but you can earn more storage by inviting friends. So the above link is an invite link if you want to join through that link you and I will both get extra storage.

I also have some of my pictures stored on Flickr. With the intention to move more there soon.

Plus I have the external hard drive. So now I hope I am covered and never loose my precious pictures.

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