Monday, August 15, 2011

My learning moments

Lately I have been trying to look at life a little differently. I am trying to re-evaluate and make some changes, I am trying to be more aware. When people, things, or ideas are brought to my attention I am trying to look at these as learning moments. I know it might sound a little crazy, but while making peace with what we have lost I am trying to focus on what we can gain.

Sometimes it is just a small thing like Chuck finding both of his running shoes. Which might not sound like a feat but he had been looking for about 6 months and they turned up in two different cities. Then last week I became the adoptive mom to a few hens. Now these are not just any hens, these belong to a friend of mine who after loosing one hen to a raccoon decided the big city was just to much for these hens. So they were packed up and moved to our little homestead, but not before another creature severely wounded another hen. Miraculously Sandino (the miracle hen) has lived. I wont go into the details but she is a trooper.

So I was thinking about my learning moments and about my friend who keeps telling me how grateful she is. Now my friend doesn't have any kids, cats, or dogs, but she did have these hens, and she loves them. Now maybe to some it might sound crazy but then I got to thinking remember Ben. Well I nursed him back to health several times (including the latest head swelling, cracking open, and well grossness) these hens are to my friend what Ben is to our family.

SO that got me thinking even more, I know right my head does hurt a little. When we had hens on the farm did I feel this way about any of them? No. Why? Well there were like 50 of them. I am not saying that we did not care about our chickens but not enough to have one nursing back to health in my house. Even though we were considered a small farm, were we too big to have that kind of connection with our chickens? This is something I intend to think about, was having 50 hens allowing some sort of disconnect. Or maybe I am just more of a dog person.

Whatever the case may be, the love that my friend has for her hens is inspiring. I am not sure what Sandino's fate is going to be, she is hurt pretty badly, but I am going to try my best to nurse my friends hen back to health.


Anne said...

It is the time invested (and the trust that evolves) that makes the difference. When they trust you, some seem to reveal more of their quirks.

I'm not looking forward to freezer camp time.. I've spent too much time with most of my birds!

Hands down.. Izzy.. best hen ever. Even if she never does anything more than eat bugs and say hello.. she's one we'll do anything to make sure she's well taken care of. She's a nuzzler and loves people.

We have a few distant ones.. but we handle each bird (even the guineas), everyday. Totally the worst approach ever when raising your own intended-for-meat creatures. I can't say I'll ever do it differently though.

The Peterson Family said...

You are right but then ignoring and treating the animals like a commodity is not even an option.

With the cows and the sheep I felt a connection, I just don't with the chickens. Not sure why.

Love that you call it freezer camp!