Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the road to Thanksgiving?

The other day while on a trip into the cities it seemed to be snowing, snowing white feathers. I wondered if maybe the Canada geese were molting and that was why so many feathers. Not really sure how that is possible, but sometime my mind doesn't always make sense.

Then I saw this
I still could not tell exactly what it was, so I sped up.
A truck load of turkeys. It just breaks my heart. And I wondered, what were all the people driving by thinking. Would this change the way they ate, or bought meat? Sadly probably not.


Anne said...

I agree with you.. it is just horrible. Pigs also get stacked high and crammed together.

While many get upset at a sight like this.. most don't correlate the fact that THESE are the animals they are eating.

Crazy, huh? They see a package of bacon.. and could not tell you anything more than "yum" and you get it from the grocery store.

Although it is you and what your family do/ have done (and hopefully soon again will do).. that I find inspiring.

The Peterson Family said...

I wish I know how to get people to see how the food that they choose to eat is being raised. It just makes me so mad.

I taught at an outdoor school that kids would come to once a year from public schools. I used to talk to the kids about where their meat comes from. It amazed me how many knew ground beef was cow, but did not get the connection between that and the grocery store.

Anne said...

The dispatching part is hard to handle just in general. I suppose when society got more "refined" that aspect was no longer as common place. The start to the great disconnect. I know people in their late 30's who have no idea if strawberries grow on a plant, a shrub, a vine... or a tree. Around here.. I was told flat out by my neighbor (as I offered them fresh dill, parsley, oregano, basil and chive bunches).. that they "don't eat those strange plants"..

Yet they buy dry Italian herbs in those huge containers.

Thankfully the other neighbor (he looves to cook).. about did cartwheels when he got their share too.