Thursday, July 7, 2011

The dreaded 'C' word

I am up- up too early. Today is the day it all starts. Well actually it all started in April. Indulge me for a minute. I had just come home from dinner out with a friend and I got the call. At first the call seemed, well, rather unimportant, cause really nothing was going to come of it. I mean I was not worried in the least. I was sure this sort of thing was common and there was no need to worry, cause it would be nothing. But then it wasn't nothing- it was something. Breast Cancer.

It is not my cancer, but my mothers cancer. So today, after having the lump removed last month, there will be a port put into her chest. This port will allow the chemicals to be added to her body, chemicals that will hopefully allow her to live the rest of her life cancer-free. And so this journey begins and although it is not my journey it is one that I will be taking with my mother.

I am not sure I am ready for what is about to happen, I am not even sure exactly how you prepare for something like this. So unprepared and unaware I am stepping out into this, the first day of a long journey to a cancer free mom.


Anne said...

Ugh.. your family too! My sister found out Feb. 15th that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She's doing the Gerson diet as they told her it spread too far for them to be able to do anything else, and they also told her it is unlikely she'll survive the year. She told them they can kiss her... well... you get the idea.

So much has an impact when fighting cancer.. right down to the tap water.

Best of luck to your Mom and you all. It is a horrible fight to face. I wish you all courage, strength, and the resilience to win the fight!

The Peterson Family said...

That is awful! I hope that she can fight and stay strong!

Thank you so much.