Monday, July 18, 2011


Summer is in full swing here, and I have to say in a teeny tiny way I am glad we are not farming. It is friggin' hot, and humid! How easily one can adapt to having air conditioning.

So I wanted to take a moment- a moment to brag. Yep we know some really cool people. Two of those really cool people are doing a little show called The Perennial Plate. Yep we know them! I know you are so jealous. And if you have never heard of The Perennial Plate, seriously have you been living under a rock.

Okay the deal is every Monday they upload a short documentary of their hunting/gathering/harvesting/eating adventure. Then sometime mid week or really when they get a second outta their whirl wind adventure there is a blog update. Mirra has a great sense of humor, and is wonderful with the vocab- seriously you have to read her latest update. Funny things happen to Daniel in almost every episode like did you see his butt crack- why was that not edited out?

Every time I watch an episode it gets me excited about farming, eating, and buying locally. And it amazes me how Daniel knows how to cook with so many different ingredients. So watch, learn and eat well.


Anne said...

I love the MN episodes.

Farming in this heat.. is harsh. Heck.. getting the mail in this heat is harsh! (No AC this summer for us.) Keeping the chickens and guineas cool as they love it when I turn on the hose to let them run around in the flooded grass. Some of the little stinkers have discovered the covered porch. I found a half dozen of them under the patio chairs.. and one barred rock bobbing for the mint in my husband's iced tea on the table.

Hope you guys are keeping cool!

The Peterson Family said...

Getting the mail in the heat IS harsh!

Our chickens have taken to the woods. Thankfully they have not found the porch. At the farm I had left one of the sliding doors slightly open and we had a chicken in the house!!