Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring has finally srung!

Everything is blooming, how wonderful spring finally joined us! When farming this is one of the best times. All the babies are born, and everyone moves out to pasture. Last year knowing that we would have a baby we decided that we were going to take a year off from gardening. I have to say once the seed catalogs came I questioned whether I could go through with it or not. I do miss it and I am sure I wont be taking next year off but, one year wont kill us. With farmers markets popping up in almost every city I am sure I wont have a hard time finding what I need, I just hope I can find enough quantity to put some in the freezer. I like to have peas, beans, corn, broccoli, and cauliflower to last the winter and into spring. Last year I froze 4 dozen ears of corn and we might have enough left for one meal- so I would say that is pretty good. I also canned 80 pounds of tomatoes and we have one pint jar left. Every year I try to keep track of how much I put up, so that I know if the following year I need more or could do with less. Putting all the vegetables and fruit up for winter is a lot of work but in the gray days of winter there is nothing better than opening a jar of tomatoes and smelling summer!
We solved our egg problem. It was actually really easy- we got some laying hens. Our friend Ahna had taken our chickens when we moved off the farm and she offered to give us a few back. So now we have 6 hens and one rooster. That gives us 4 to 5 eggs a day. I have to say it is fantastic! The next thing on our list is milk. On the farm we had 2 milk cows and although there were times when we were short on milk at least I knew some would be coming soon. So right now I actually happen to be milking a goat at a farm down the road. The short story is, I know the farmer and she had mentioned to me last year that she might start milking goats, so I called her to see if she had extra I could buy. When I called she told me that she did not have the time to milk but if I wanted to I could. So for the last 3 weeks I have been getting fresh goats milk. So now we are thinking about getting our own goat. I have been doing research on breeds and reading all I can to learn as much as I can. They are very different from cows and I do miss the cream, goats milk is naturally homogenized, but they are full of personality!

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