Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in the field~ so to speak

I have been thinking, just because we are not farming at the moment does not mean I should stop blogging, well that and the encouragement of many wonderful supporters. So here I am again, back online. It actually feels good to be back and thinking about farming, instead of trying to avoid the topic due to all the emotions we have been going through. Our lives have changed so much it almost feels surreal, like farming was during another lifetime. And now I am on the other side, the side I imagine most of you are on, the I don't/can't raise my own food so where do I find good food side.

Right now the big campaign is "know your farmer", which if you have kept up on my rants you know I support 110%, but what about know your food. So many of us trust that the food industry is taking care of us, but I am afraid they do not have our best interest in hand- just our money. The food industry is afraid if we become educated they will lose our money. So they don't exactly tell us the truth, they allow us imagine a farm of the freshest grass, the friendliest farmer, and the most beautiful of animals, all living in perfect harmony. Is there such a place in factory farming? I don't believe so, but I do believe that we have such farms and food right in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and with a little research we could all be eating wonderful fresh foods!

When we were farming I was always surprised by the calls and emails that we got asking us where to buy _______ (insert farm fresh food). The other question was always what questions do I ask, if I go to the farm what am I looking for, what is good and what is bad? The cow had some poop on it is, that okay, the chickens were able to go outside but they were fenced in, is that okay? We even got calls from people who bought meat from a farmer and did not like the taste and were not sure what to do.

So I thought since I might have some incite that would be useful, maybe I could help. So I was thinking I would tackle one area at a time, dairy, eggs, meat, veggies. I not sure exactly how this will come around and what it will look like, but I am hoping it will be helpful.


Becky said...

Very helpful! Can't wait to read your first lesson! =)

Alison said...

Hey! I'm so glad you are back to blogging and tackling a great subject. I'm moving back to Minnesota next week and am looking forward to searching for good food in a larger community. I was surprised to find the farmers markets in the little NW Iowa towns to be lacking in food. There were some great farms I wanted to visit, but we just were not able to get out to them as there were still an hour or more away.

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Becky!

Alison so glad you are coming back we will have to get together!

Lisa said...

Very glad to see you are back and looking forward to learning more from you!

Lisa said...

Glad to see you back. Looking forward to learning more from you!

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Lisa- glad to be back!