Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An ending

LuLu's calf born on December 21st

The past couple months our lives have been turned upside down. We went from feeling like we were finally getting ahead, adding to our house and our family, to not knowing what to do, where to live, or where to go. We had this romantic idea of farming the family farm, we thought somehow that this would be admired or even appreciated. And in all fairness it was but not by the people that we thought. I am not going to re-live all that has happened, because we have done that a million times. I will just say that after the article was published in our local paper, the family farm was no longer available to us. We had been kicked out, not for our farming practices, not for anything to do with the farm itself, but because we could be. The hurt and anger are a hard thing to deal with.

The farm was not big, just big enough. We had a personal attachment to every animal. Seeing them leave the farm and not with us was very hard. Several of them had been born on the farm. We watched them grow up, we watched them give birth. They provided us with food and income to survive. It was hard work but we loved it. The kid loved it.

The hardest was finding a place for the milk cows, the heart of our farm, the animals that we had the deepest connection to. Watching them leave the farm was the hardest thing I think we have done so far. Our dream, all of our work, all of what we had identified ourselves with, everything was gone. The anger is the hardest thing to deal with.

We needed to do something, we could not go on like this. We want to farm, we want what we had. But at the moment those are not options. What we have is our family and what we are working on is Chuck's education. Those became our focus. We decided to get out of farming for the moment. Allow Chuck to focus on school and us to focus on our family.

Looking back we can see the red flags, and really in all honesty we could see them before we just chose to ignore them.

We are moving forward and someday in the future the dream that we had, the life that we were so close to having will be ours.


Alison said...

First and foremost Contrats on the new kid arriving!!

I'm so terribly sorry to hear the sad news of you having to move and sell so much that is dear to you. I do hope that you both will be able to get back a wonderful place to farm. You both have such passion and drive. We need more farmers like you guys out there. You have taught so much to so many out there. Hang in there, take care of your family and we'll be here waiting to hear about how you guys are doing.

Anonymous said...

What a shock! I am sure you will let us all know when you will be starting up again. Cheers and enjoy the new young one!

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Alison and Norm.
It has been hard for us to say the least, but we know that some day we will farm again. Thank you both for all your support:)


gaby said...

We just watched the episode on "the perennial plate" about your farm and wanted to find more about you.

What a shock to hear that you are no longer able to farm! We are so sorry and can certainly relate to what you say about the attachment you had to the animals.

We pray that you'll get a thousand fold what you dream, and wish you all the best with the new baby boy.


The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Gaby- it was a shock to us. But we will be back farming again someday.