Wednesday, November 3, 2010

House and Pie

The crawl space is now done and Chuck is working on putting the floor on! It is so exciting. A neighbor is going to let us use her bobcat so Chuck can back-fill around the house. It is starting to really go fast now, lets just hope the weather holds out just a little longer.

Last night I made a couple of squash pies (just like pumpkin only I use Hubbard squash), using the lard that I had rendered. So this morning we tasted them- nothing better than pie for breakfast! The first one was a crust made with just lard. The lard I rendered was leaf lard, the lard surrounding the kidneys, which is supposed to be the highest quality lard. It took about 5 hours to render and with leaf lard from 6 pigs it did not amount to much, just 8 pints. I had done some research on using lard for crust and had read that some like a butter lard combo. So the second one was half butter half lard. The winner was the half butter half lard. Not that the all lard one tasted bad it was really good, but the butter added a flavor that tied the squash part and the crust together nicely.

This is the crust of the lard only pie- very white, something I am not used to. Using butter from cows that are on pasture the crusts are usually very yellow.

This is what the lard itself looks like. I felt like the lard had a smell to it, Chuck says it just smells like fat. It was not a strong smell, it was just different.

Not that you can tell the difference but the pie on the right is the lard only pie.

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