Saturday, November 27, 2010


April 2009

November 2010

This is Henriette she is the first milk cow we bought back in April of 2009. She had difficulty with her first calf, the calf died and she got an infection. We bought her from an organic dairy farmer who had to treat her with antibiotics due to the infection. He therefore could not put her into his milking herd. She was quite weak and also low in the herd rank, so probably not getting enough to eat. The farmer was going to ship her. Which usually means one of two things, either to the slaughterhouse or to the auction I am not sure if either is better or worse then the other. We bought her for $400. When Chuck brought her home, she was very weak and very sad. She did not even stand up in the trailer, not even out of curiosity.
We had only 4 other cows so she would no longer need to fight to eat, drink or for shelter. She spruced up almost right away, she still looked skinny and dirty but she had energy.

Getting her in April was nice since she would only be eating hay for a month and then she would be out on pasture, getting the fresh grass that her body needed to heal.

It is amazing to look at her now. She has filled in and become quite a wonderful looking cow. She adores Chuck, not so interested in me or the kid but that's okay. Chuck is the only one she lets milk her, I did try once but she would not let her milk down and she kept kicking and stepping in the bucket. I got the hint fast!
She was bred this spring by our bull and is expected calve anytime now. She has been getting plenty of exersice and Chuck has been putting her in the barn for a hour each day with really good hay. We are hoping that her next calving will be easier on her body and we wont have to intervene. And we are also hoping that she has a bull, to end our almost 3 years of straight heifers!

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