Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dog with Nine Lives

This is Ben, he is a 6 year old dachshund we got him when he was just a year old. Ben came to us when I had my dog training/animal nutrition business. Ben was severely aggressive, I had never seen a dog more aggressive. But he was only a year old and I felt had potential. When I went to see Ben I had no intention of taking him, I thought I was going to help his owner with training. Instead I left with Ben. Needless to say Chuck was not to happy, he was actually deer hunting that weekend and had no idea what I had done until he got home. Anyway with some intense training he has become a great dog. I had actually even found a home for him, but by then Chuck was attached. And Ben is a mans dog, he love power tools, he will follow Chuck anywhere. He thinks he is a herding dog, he has been kicked by the cows who think otherwise. And when Chuck uses the chainsaw he has to put Ben inside 'cause Ben gets so excited he actually tries to bite the saw.

One summer Ben was bit by something and his head swelled up so much it split open, and then he was run over by the truck, oh and besides being kicked by the cows he was actually stepped on by a 2000 pound draft horse square on his back. We often say you can't kill Ben, not that we have tried but he seems to find ways to get hurt. Well yesterday he was hurt pretty bad. We are not sure exactly what happened but Ben managed to get a deep cut from shoulder to shoulder the skin was so stretched it could actually be pulled over his head, plus a couple other cuts that were pretty bad. Needless to say Ben headed in for surgery. He came home last night pretty drugged and very unhappy, he is not much better this morning. There is some possibilities that the skin will not re-attach, but then again it is Ben and with everything that has happened to him I can't imagine he wont make it through this one. The picture below is of him this morning. He is in a lot of pain but is up and at least alert. He has a body wrap on to keep everything in place and to help with swelling, you can also see a drain on the upper part of his neck. He will go into the vet again tomorrow just to be looked at and then in a couple weeks the stitches should come out. I have to say he is an amazing dog, and a dam lucky one too!


Alison said...

He's certainly a tough little sucker isn't he! I hope he's feeling better soon. I guess I wouldn't expect anything less than a dog bred to hunt badgers. (that is what they are bred for isn't?)

The Peterson Family said...

He is!
Yep they are know as the badger dog. But they are supposed to be good at hunting rabbits and other small game. Ben besides being a herding dog, thinks he is a bird dog. Although he usually just hurts them so bad that Chuck then has to finish the job he at least catches them which I can't say Gretta our bird dog has ever caught a bird- but she has killed a rabbit.

Amanda Mae said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! poor Ben!!
I thought our little Lucky had nine lives! (ate chocolate, hit by a car, etc, etc) but he takes the cake!

That little photo makes me so sad!

The Peterson Family said...

Poor Ben is doing fantastic. He has a little scar but that is all- Chuck says it makes him look cool! This dog has some serious good luck:)