Friday, October 15, 2010

The calendar says fall is coming but the weather says summer is still hanging on. Chuck has started putting the foundation in for our addition. He is doing it himself and this is only the second time that he has laid block, but he hopes to be done in a week or so. Then the house will go up quite quickly I am sure. I am now 7 months pregnant and still having some sick days, but am feeling pretty well other than that. Today is the kids 3rd birthday, I can not believe that she is already 3, time sure does fly.
We started digging up potatoes to put into the cellar, we still have a few more rows to go.The lambs started going into the processor earlier this week- we are doing half the lamb flock now and another half in a couple weeks. We did get our pork back from the processor earlier this week, it is so nice to have a freezer that is starting to really fill up. I still have some pies I would like to make and freeze and I have lard to render, but things hopefully will slow down soon.

We are still waiting on one of our cows to calve, we bred her with a bull so we are not exactly sure of her due date. We are getting really low on milk so we need her to go soon. The learning curve of planning when your milk cow should calve has been quite difficult. We have 3 milk cows, however one is very touchy and probably wont be around for to long. Cows are really sensitive to change, well most of them anyway, and our black cow is very, very sensitive. The other day Chuck was limping from a twisted ankle and she would not even go near the barn. There has been several times when she refuses to be milked or go into the stall for seemingly no reason. Now LuLu on the other hand could care less, but she is a big pain in the butt in other ways, like forgetting that she is a huge cow and not a little dog. We are thinking that we will have to sell the black cow as her and Chuck do not make a good match, she kicked him a week or so ago and I think that put in the final vote for her to go.

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