Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just a little update

Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. The summer has really flown by. Chuck has been working on his shop, and hopes to start our house addition in September. The animals are all growing like crazy, my garden is pretty much just weeds, but the freezer is filling and so is the pantry. The farmers market has been going really well although we don't have any eggs to sell. Not sure what is going on but we have 75 laying hens and are barely getting 3 dozen a day. Granted most of the hens are from last year but I thought I would at least be getting 4 dozen a day. We butchered our first round of meat birds, it was surprisingly easy. However we raised a heritage breed the first round and after 14 weeks they were only 3 pounds when butchered. Now I know that back when grandma was on the farm that is what a chicken weighed but now-a-days people are used to those 5 pound birds. So we are now raising the standard Cornish cross. They are said to grow to 5 pounds in 8 weeks, which is kinda scary to think about but when you are selling them you need to give your customer the best product and the best price. We did sell the 3 pounders and we heard good reviews but when you have a family of 7, as one of our customers does, it is hard to spend $10 on a 3 pound bird. So basically if we want to keep our customers we needed to make the switch or lower our cost, but when it takes twice as long to raise the bird to just 3 pounds the extra feed cost really adds up.

We we have some news to share with you all, and I am totally using this as my excuse for not updating the blog- but we are going to be having another baby. I am due at the end of January, so right now I am at 5 months. I was really sick and very tired, sometimes taking 2 naps a day, which if you know me I do not take naps. I am no longer sick but I do not have all my energy back. The kid is super excited and tells everyone. We are planning another homebirth, although I have been slacking on actually hiring a midwife, I would love to have our first midwife back but she no longer lives in Minnesota.
Well that is the news so please don't hold it against me that I have been slacking at updating, I can't promise I will be any better, but I will try!


Alison said...

Congratulations!! I'm glad you are starting to feel better. It's nice to hear how things are going for you guys and for the farm. Take care!

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Allison!