Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just a little update

The farm has been busy, busy. Last week we had another calf, you guessed it, another heifer! And this was from our Scottish highlander (a meat breed). This past weekend our duck hatched 9 little ducklings. They are so cute! Still have one more ewe to go- not sure why she is taking so long. Hay season is upon us- we will probably be baling hay this weekend. Chuck is working on getting the tractor and the baler up to par. My garden is almost all planted, I have a few more rows of beans to plant, last week I was checking on my potato plants and they were covered in potato bugs! Not my favorite but I am hoping I caught them early enough so I wont have to many problems later- I did go to all the plants looking for eggs and smashing them.

The meat chickens we are hoping will be ready in another month or so- having never done this before should be interesting. We went with a heritage breed so they take a little longer, that is why we really have no idea when they should be ready. We have 50 of them to butcher this round with a total of 150 to raise all summer.

Egg production is steadily increasing we are at around 3 dozen a day- still no problem finding homes for them all- even with no advertising. It still amazes me how people find us! The farmers market is still a little over a month away, and by then our new laying hens will be laying.

And just in case you missed it check out a short video of our farm over on The Perennial Plate.


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Jillian said...

Sounds like you're busy. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just came accross your blog. Looks like what you guys are doing it great! My husband and I are planning to give up driving a car and that by itself feels like a big challange. Good luick with it all!

The Peterson Family said...

Glad you found us applemak, good luck with the no driving. We cut down to one car and that was a challenge, trying to coordinate two independent adults and a little kid that has things to go to.