Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Filming on the Farm

This past weekend we had visitors. We love having people come to the farm. Not only because at this point it is really hard for us to actually leave the farm and hang out with anyone, but also because we really do like entertaining. Back in April I told you about The Perennial Plate an online documentary series about eating in MN. Whether that is from finding your food on a farm or foraging for it. I encourage you to go to his site to learn more but also to watch the short clips he already has up. Anyway Daniel Klein and his girlfriend Mirra came out to the farm last week to film a lambing. Unfortunately the girls were a little camera shy. But he did get plenty of other filming done. So in the month I would say you will see a Duskwind Farm addition to The Perennial Plate!While here Daniel decided he wanted to catch and guinea, butcher it and cook it up for a mid-day meal. The picture above is what a guinea looks like. They are native to Africa, they are kinda strange looking and they are really really noisy. People often raise them because they are supposed to be great at controlling ticks. We inherited ours from a gentleman that was looking to scale back on his own flock. So last year we got 14 of them and were down to 9, that is before Daniel came. Daniel was very determined and was not giving up on his idea to eat a guinea. Mirra was not at all excited about this. Mirra is a recent vegetarian, loving the turkey that they raised in their backyard only to butcher it was devastating to her. Daniel basically told her if you don't like the killing part you should not enjoy the eating part. Since then Mirra only eats veggies!
He used the same technique for slaughtering as he did for the turkey in his first episode in his documentary series. Ilana was there the whole time and seemed not bothered at all by what was going on- in fact her favorite part was pulling out the feathers.

The meal was good along with the meat we ate garlic plants from the garden and a pie Mirra made, her first! I wont spoil all of it as I am not sure what he will be showing. Below are a few other pictures from the weekend.Also Daniel is having a party this weekend to help raise money for his documentary project. Please go to his website and read more about this great series, but also feel free to leave a little money:)They really are milking in these pictures, what good sports!

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