Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lambing trouble

I would love to say things have gone smoothly with lambing this year, but this has been our hardest year. Granted we have more ewes this year lambing- we are up to 10. It started even before we lambed with one of our newly acquired ewes prolapsing. Basically her uterus was falling out. So we had to put a harness on her that would keep everything in. We had never done this before so it was quite a challenge to say the least. Once we figured out how to get it on her, we had not put it on tight enough so it slipped out of place. The next day after readjusting, her neck was swollen, so we loosened it hoping that it was just because we had it too tight. That did the trick but I did not like the fact that it collected manure, as you can see from the picture. Also the harness seemed to cut into her. The problem might be because her tail was docked to short it was unable to hold the harness in place, so we had to make the harness tighter. If a tail is to short those muscles used for labor are affected causing the prolapse. Last Saturday she did lamb and had two beautiful lambs each weighing in at 12 pounds. She lambed between 4 and 5 in the morning and lambed right through the harness with no problems. But then of course that could not be the end of that, two days later she was prolapsing again. Her uterus would be showing and then would seem to go back in, this time I decided to use the retainer. Although I was not to excited to stick this inside of her it was much easier and seems not to bother her. It will be removed tomorrow. At the end of the season she will be culled (slaughtered), although I just purchased her I and am not very happy about doing this I can not risk her prolapsing again.

Our oldest ewe (Grandma- I know, I know very creative huh!) gave birth on Tuesday morning sometime between 2 and 3. The ewe did not clean off the lamb suggesting that the lamb was stillborn.

On Monday, Alice (one of the 3 that actually have names) was laboring for about two hours with no progress not even feet sticking out so I washed up and went in and pulled out a 20 pound ram lamb! First off I can not believe I did this, I never really pictured my self doing this but you do what you have to do. I think I pulled it out just in time, his tongue and nose were purple. He was having trouble breathing but he came around and is doing great.


Clayton said...

Good on you for sticking to it. Looks like a challenge but good rewards when it works out.

The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Clayton- you are right about the good rewards, so far this year we have 13 lambs- one more ewe left to lamb.