Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The $160 Lesson

Last year we inherited a couple of donkeys. Working at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue when I was younger I became fond of a donkey named Joey. Ever since then I have had a soft spot in my heart for donkeys. Last year we had their hooves trimmed by a wonderful farrier. He was patient and very gentle with them. We were very impressed. So this year we called him up again, and after waiting a week and not hearing from him I called a few more times. Well I was thinking he must be on vacation or something and a farrier is a farrier right? WRONG! I looked in the paper and found a guy who said he had 20+ years experience and so we arranged to have him come out. I was unable to be at the farm that day so what I am telling you was told to me by Chuck. The guy we hired turned out to be a little off to say the least. Chuck said he refused to trim up one of the donkeys and when it came to the horse he said he was going to charge us $100 not the $35 others charge. If you have met our horse you know that he is kind and gentle, Chuck said the farrier was trying to muscle him around and he (the guy) kept falling on the ground Teddy was not impressed. Chuck had to ask him to leave the farm before anyone got hurt. Even for a half ass job we paid him so he would leave. Yesterday our original farrier came out and did a wonderful job, and Teddy well he did not even bat an eye, he ended up having to re-do the one donkeys hooves that we already done since it was such a poorly done job.
Lesson learned- trust your instinct, and always ask another horse or donkey owner who they use.

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