Thursday, April 8, 2010

Looking for something good to eat

Sometime I know it feels easier to just go to the grocery store and buy your food. It feels so hard to have to look around and find those things local when really everything you need is right there at your finger tips. With all this talk, and not just from me, about buying things locally it seems to be easier to find some of those small local farms. My friend Alison emailed me just yesterday, she moved out of Minnesota, and is going to start looking for those small local farms. Of course a great place to start is your local Farmers' Markets, but those might not be open for another month or more. So I told Alison that I would do a post on where to at least start looking for those small local farms. Well sorry Alison but I thought I would start with some great resources for Minnesotans, than give some broad websites. Okay Minnesotans the first place to look is Minnesota Grown, then there is Land Stewardship Project, and then try Local Foods Partnership. Then there is this one- I really love it The Perennial Plate it is an online documentary series. I don't want to spoil it for you all but this guy (Daniel Klien) who is a trained chef (trained at all these top restaurants around the world) comes back to Minnesota where he grew up and is finding all these great food resources right here in Minnesota. I strongly encourage you to check it out! Now of course not all farms are listed in these great resources, like us for example. But this will get you started- the more you know about your food and where it comes from the better you will feel- I promise:)

Okay now on to those of you who do not actually live in MN. My favorite is Eat Wild. Try typing into your search engine Buy Fresh Buy Local and then your state, also try Local Harvest. As I sit here I can think of several others but this will get you started. The other thing you can do is of course talk to neighbors or even your local feed mill, and then for sure this summer go to the local Farmers' Market.

Beyond that it is important to know what you are looking for, ask lots of questions and by all means go to their farm and see the animals, or the garden. Make sure this is a place you want to buy from.

Happy Hunting!


Alison said...

Thank you for all the great resources. I found that one of the farmers will be in Sioux City this weekend and we were planning to go down there Saturday so we are going to stop by and check them out. Hopefully, we'll be bringing home some great meat and eggs.

Ahna said...

The sheep have such cute little butts!!