Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inside the house

With so many changes going on around the farm we sometimes forget to take before and after pictures. So in anticipation of the addition I thought I should take pictures of the inside of the house as a 'before.' Then hopefully if everything goes well I will post later this year pictures of the 'after.'
As you can see we still do not have insulation in the walls. This is not because we do not have the insulation, but because we sort of put it off. We were so busy last fall outside the house and then when it came down to it, it actually was a mild winter. So we decided to wait until this fall- WE PROMISE. I know friends and family have been worried about how cold it gets but with such a small house it really warms up fast and as long as we are home or will be home in a few hours the house stays warm.


Alison said...

Hey, looks nice and cozy. I'm sure once you put on your addition it will feel huge! I know when Tony lived in our RV for 7 months, then moving to a house, the house felt huge. Once you insulate you'll probably use less fuel (wood?) too.

Nia Sopiwnik said...

YOu got a couch!