Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Breaking News

Forbes named Monsanto Company of the Year. The accompanying article The Planet Vs. Monsanto is irritating in so many ways. Monsanto is not out to save the world, the poor, or the earth as this article suggests. But I think what really makes me mad is that we as people of the world of all different religions of all different races, we all claim the earth. Some say God made the earth for them, some say Gods, some say the earth is their provider. But what no one says is Monsanto is their God, their provider. They genetically modify seeds "to ward off insects or make a crop immune to herbicides." In this article it says "people have been selecting plant genes for 5,000 years was no defense." But this is not what Monsanto does, it takes genes of a plant and introduces "a genes from bacteria living in the wastewater" and you have a whole new plant resistant to Roundup. This is not God, earth or whatever you believe in. But if the people of this world keep wanting cheap food this is what will continue to happen. Check out U.S. Food Policy for another take on this article.

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