Friday, January 1, 2010

Ammonia treated meat

Check out this link. Apparently our great food system uses ammonia to kill bacteria in the nations beef supply. People need to really think about why in the world does the meat need to be treated with ammonia in the first place. It's disgusting to think about. The big meat producers are producing an inferior product full of bacteria. And some of the biggest sellers of the meat,(Cargill, McDonalds, etc.) know this product to be inferior(and potentially dangerous) so what do they do? Require different ways to produce the meat so that it is safe to eat? Nooooooo, they treat it with ammonia so a potentially poisonous meat can be used to feed America. By the way, Cargill is the same company that came up with the patent of treated beef with Carbon Monoxide to make the beef keep that nice red color that you see at you local grocer. Happy Shopping and Happy New Year, Chuck

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