Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Dad

First off I should say my Dad is a big pain in my butt, however I don't think I would want it any other way. I don't think I would ever say he was a great Dad, but then again I am not sure what makes a great Dad. He worked all the time, he complained and fell asleep at our school concerts, never really knew our friends, or got involved in our social life. But then there was the side of him that you really would not expect, he took us out to breakfast for our birthdays, and always got us chocolate milk (something I still crave around my birthday). In college he would send me cards with a stick or two of gum in it. The first time I thought what the heck is he doing- one stick of gum- crazy old man. But then if you knew my father you knew it was something else and sure enough there was a 50 folded up in the gum. He bought me my first car, my red Wolfsberg edition Jetta, oh how I loved that car. He made all the beer and the wine for my wedding, I think he was even more popular then Chuck and I at our own party! So on second thought was he a great Dad, yeah, but still a pain in my butt:)
In the past couple of years my Dad lost his job, his income, and insurance, had surgery on his neck twice, and is now getting disability through the state.
Anyway my point of this post was the above picture. Since Dad is now getting money again he has been feeling better about things. He has been cleaning the house and even putting the heat on. Last year he had the house at 50 degrees and lived in his bedroom with a space heater. When I was there last week I noticed on the window ledge where his bronzed baby shoes sat- the kid's baby shoes in between them. How cute is that. The kid adores him and he adores her. He is a great Grandpa!

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