Tuesday, December 1, 2009

High Maintenence?

Chuck says I am high maintenance, and not in the treat me like a princess way. For crying out loud I live in a 384 square foot house and my bathroom is an outhouse- so no princess here! But while coming home from work (I will get to that later) I hit a deer, and now I have whiplash and have to go to physical therapy everyday this week. I have to say things started going down hill for me when I got pregnant. I mean my brain sort of went mushy, and not that I think I am a great driver but I am pretty good, hitting the city bus- not so good. Anyway then there was the whole spilling boiling water on my arm, besides other things I shall not get into. I think I need a time out from accidents for a while. Other than that things are staying busy. And oh yes the job. Well winters are slower for us so I decided to try and get a part time job to bring in a little extra money. Nothing fancy but something to keep me even busier. When I was in college I worked for a big box store doing loss prevention (fancy term for catching shoplifters), then I moved on to a grocery store and then a big box hunting and fishing store, and now I am security again for an establishment not to far from where we live. It is not bad I work two to three times a week when Chuck can be home with the kid.The calf is doing well, we are still not sure if she is blind. We are sure that she can at least see shadows. We have named her Beatrix, 'B' for short.

Next week the ram goes in with the ewes, so we should be expecting lambs in May, a full month before this past year. The average butchered size this year was around 40 pounds- not bad, next year maybe closer to 50 pounds, which for 100% grass fed is right where we want to be.
As for the butcher that we went with this year, we were fairly pleased. They really worked with us when it came to getting the animals in for processing. However I was told that we would be getting nitrate free bacon, ham etc. but that turned out to not be true so we have found another processor that we are going to try next year and they are nitrate free. Thing is that I had to schedule the processing dates already and they are booked already into next October! We are thinking that we will raise 12 pigs again next year we have orders already in for half of them, even the lamb spots are filling up fast! We have added 2 ewes so we have the potential to have 20 lambs if everyone twins, but I doubt that will happen so maybe around 15.

It is a weird feeling to be just finishing up one farm year and already feel overwhelmed for the next one. I have already been receiving seed catalogs, and I am not even done with preparing my garden for next year!!

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