Friday, December 11, 2009

The black Pearl

We seriously have something wrong with us. This summer and fall we were given a few kittens for barn cats. Well one of them has become a favorite of Chucks, so she is now a house cat. Pearl really is a nice cat and has a great personality. She stands up to the dogs and is friendly with the other indoor cats. So we are up to 3-4 cats in the house at any given moment and 4 dogs, and 1 kid. Remember the house is 384 square feet, plenty of room almost, 35 square feet per person/animal. Anyway the other day while the kid was sleeping and I was doing the dishes I heard a sound like running water- not having any in the house I was looking around and this is what I saw:
Just in case you are wondering the new cat is going potty in the kid's potty chair. This was the first time I had seen it but have seen her use it a few more times since this picture. Crazy cat!


LeAnn said...

I can't believe the cat did this without any training! Crazy.

Nia Sopiwnik said...

no way!

The Peterson Family said...

She is a smart one- Hate to think what is going to happen once we don't need the chair anymore.