Thursday, November 19, 2009

A root cellar and water!

We have water! At the house that is. This will be so wonderful this winter to be able to have water close to the house- and I will be able to wash clothes and bathe in a tub all winter long at home!! We are moving up in the world. As I seem to always say things have been busy. We are finally done processing all animals for the season. Tomorrow we pick up the two lambs and the smoked pork then our freezer will be complete! Well almost on Tuesday I pick up a couple of fresh Turkeys that I traded for ground beef. One will be on the Thanksgiving table the other, well I am not sure yet but we will find something for it to do.
We sometimes grapple with the idea of what we are doing. Really what the heck are we doing? Farming? I have been thinking lately of trying to come up with a better word that describes what we do. A week or so ago we watched Food Inc., if you have not seen it or heard of it check it out~ it is a must see no excuses if you eat then you need to see it, I am not sure I want to be lumped into a system that I do not believe in. Farming has gone from small family owed businesses to huge corporations. It is just sickening. And then here we are living in a 384 square foot home with only a battery to power our lights, propane to power the refrigerator and the stove, wood to heat and no running water. What are we doing? We still have no idea but as the days pass us we learn so much. Is this how we are going to live forever? Who knows but with two freezers full one of meat the other of veggies and fruit we are sure aren't complaining. There are plenty of people living in a big house full to the gills and they are buying cheap food.

The root cellar is almost done. We need to put all the soil back in around it and then move the coop on top (once we do that I will explain more about the coop). It has taken much time from start to finish- and we are so thankful to our friends (Brad, Jamie, Rowland, Nia and Corey) that have helped! Looking at these pictures they all seem to dress alike- I m not sure what is with the black t-shirts. Anyway once done hopefully it will be full of potatoes, squash, apples, onions and well anything else we can think of.

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