Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knitting and soap

I learned to knit from an boyfriend's mother when I was in college. It was so fun to turn a ball of yarn into something, like a washcloth. I never really branched out only learning to make a plain scarf and those washcloths. Then when a male friend who just learned to knit made a hat I figured I should be able to do that. I learned to knit a hat in a round, make a hat on two needles stitching the ends together, but that was where it ended. Until earlier this year when I joined a local knitting group. I am now trying all sorts of things- having a kid that I want to make things for helps. Eventually I would love to spin my own yarn- having sheep is a start!

Several of the women in the knitting group spin, in fact one of them is spinning up some wool from one of our ewe's for me. I am not sure what I am going to make with it. The idea that I can make something out of wool that comes from our farm it an amazing feeling. I still have to pick colors to dye the yarn. I am not sure how much yarn will come out of wool from one ewe but the woman who is spinning it says a lot! I almost hate to just make hats out of it- maybe one day I will graduate to making a sweater for myself- would that not be wonderful!

I have now made socks for the kid with another pair on the way. I knit a scarf with a cable pattern, which has yarn from one of our ewe's. I have made lots more hats and I am trying to knit a pair of mittens for the kid.

And since I was feeling so brave I decided to make soap. I used suet from our cow, rendered it (now called tallow) and made soap. It was not to hard and to my surprise it worked- it even lathers!!

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