Sunday, November 22, 2009

A beautiful day to have a baby!

Yesterday was quite an exciting day at the farm to say the least. Chuck came in from morning milking saying that he thought Lu Lu was in labor. Sure enough I went out about a half hour after that and her bag of waters was out. Chuck had to run into town and when he came back she had pushed the feet out- only problem was they are supposed to come out hooves pointing down and these were pointing up. At this point it had been about a half hour and it was 10am so we decided that if by 10:30 she had not progressed we would think about pulling the calf. Chuck was nervously walking back and forth and really worried that the calf might be in danger. By 10:30 I had went into the barn where she had moved to and watched her, she seemed to be more at ease when I was there and then she had a contraction and it looked as though she barley pushed. Chuck came back and she was following him around and seemed really needy. So we decided she was trying to tell us she needed our help. Chuck went and got the chain to pull the calf, put it around the calf's legs and waited for a contraction. It was amazing Lu Lu let him put the chain on and then when she had a contraction and he started pulling she was pushing as hard as she could. The calf came out- back legs first (it is supposed to be front legs and head first), and alive!! We were so happy to see it alive, and a little heifer to boot! (A heifer is a girl cow that has not had a calf.) Lu Lu went to work cleaning the calf up and that is when we noticed the calf's eyes. They both seem to be cloudy, were not really sure what this means- is she blind? We spoke to some other farmers about this and they had not heard of such a thing, everyone thinks she will grow out of it so we will see. Lu Lu has really not settled down enough to let the calf nurse, or at least we have not seen her nurse and when we are out there Lu Lu wont hold still for her. So we milked Lu Lu so that we could give a bottle to the calf. Right now it is so important that the calf nurse because she needs all the colostrum she can get. Lu Lu is quite the pain in the butt to milk but she will get used to it, we are going to try and milk her every few hours instead of trying to do it all at once. The cats in the barn are in heaven, getting a little extra colostrum milk. As you can see it is a deep yellow color. We are still thinking of a name of the little one. Last year when Althea was born we decided that we would name them in Alphabetical order by year. So the new one needs a 'b' name.

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