Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

I am sure everyone has heard the saying but have you really ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well on Monday that is just where I was.
I had left gymnastics with the kid and was heading into the cities. On the way there were a few cop cars with their lights on heading south, same as me. When they came to my car they slowed down driving parallel to my car, they were looking in at me then driving off. I thought it was kind of weird and wondered what was going on.
Then, just south of Forest Lake before 35 divides into E and W another cop car flashed its lights behind a vehicle that was behind me. When that vehicle moved over the lights went off. I too moved over and the cop moved behind me. It’s 70 mph on 35 but with the cop right behind me I had slowed to 65, I wasn’t sure what was going on. A minute or two passed (or so it seemed) and the cop turned on its lights from behind that car two other cop cars fanned out to block the far right lane, I pulled over. I wasn’t sure that was going on looking behind me I saw them grabbing the shotgun type guns from the gun racks in their cars- again still not sure what the Hell was going on they yelled something at me, I thought they said get out of the car, so I did. Then I heard them yelling for me to get back in the car so I did. I rolled down the window; all three were pointing these big guns at me. They told me to open the car door with my right hand and step out of the car- I did. They told me to put my hands up- I did. They told me to turn around- I did. I was shaking and crying I had no idea what was going on. They told me to walk backwards toward them; again they were pointing those shotguns at me all the while. I was moving backwards I have no idea how my legs were able to move I was shaking so much. One of the officers yelled to me to move left (into traffic) I did and then another yelled for me to move right. I was almost there; I can’t really remember what exactly happened when I got to the cops. I remember they told me to put my hands on the car I felt a pat down and the one cop talking right next to me told me to listen: there had been a bank robbery in North Branch, my vehicle matched the description except mine was not a Ford, he told me the officer was just doing her job, that I have short brown hair so she could not tell my gender from behind. The time that I drove through and my speed were all factors.
At this point I said my little girl was in the car- Thankfully she was sleeping and did not wake up. One of the officers went and checked on her.
I stood there- I was shaking I thought my legs were going to give out. I just stood there.
Bits and pieces are hard to remember. I remember talking about me being free to go-I don’t remember how they said it. I just told them there was no way I could drive I was shaking so much. I mean I had my kid in the car.
I eventually did leave- the two officers that were waiting for me did not offer an apology or an escort to my car. It was over and that was that.
First off I am okay and so is the kid. I am still in shock and wonder what would have happened if I made a wrong move. It was certainly traumatic. I keep playing it over and over in my head. I keep seeing those guns pointed at me.
Yes that officer was doing her job and yes I am grateful for the police. But I have to wonder could she have done her job better, YES.
All those other cops on the road that morning probably had a moment where they thought my car could have been the one even though the wrong manufacturer- but instead of jumping they chose to drive up beside me noticed I was not the one they were looking for and drove off.
Not one of those three officers that pointed a gun at me said they were sorry all one said was “she was just doing her job”. All those cars that drove by as this was all happening thought I was a criminal- all those cars thought those cops heroes for catching the bad guy.

I know in time it will just become a memory and I wont think about it so much. But for now I just want everyone to know I did nothing wrong. They made a mistake and a big one!

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LeAnn said...

Oh my god! I would've been crying and freaking out, too, having them pointing shotguns at my head, especially with a little kid in the car!!! Thank god she didn't wake up because she would've been screaming wondering what was happening to her mom.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Yes, they were sort of doing their job, but my god.